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New Envelope closure, String fastener

String fastener Envelope closure Maru tack  PAT.

Our string fastener called “Maru tack” is a new type of button fastener with the sticker back by putting only for closures of envelopes and packages. Our string fastener attached to the envelope is the popular item which has been used widely to arrange and keep documents usefully in Japan.

  • envelope closure envelope closure
  • Maru tack Maru tack

It can stick quickly! Sealing waxPAT.

We prepared the new sealing wax which came to the Europe for a long time into the base. Our adhesive sealing wax called “Royal tack” with synthetic resin gives a noble image easily by your putting it.

  • Sealing wax tack for gift package Sealing wax tack for gift package
  • Royal tack Royal tack
  • Original carved seal Original carved seal
  • Royal tack series Royal tack series

For beautiful and lovely gift package Decoration Tack series  PAT.

Our “Decoration tack” gives pretty image with various petals for not only envelope decoration but lovely gift packing.“Character tack” is a string fastener with lovely print patterns for gift packing such as our Decoration tack or an envelope closure such as our “Maru tack” as well.

  • Decoration tack Decoration tack
  • Ribbon for gifts Ribbon for gifts
  • Character tack with pattern Character tack with pattern
  • Decoration band Decoration band

New document closure 
which we only put! Tack fastener PAT.

Our “Tack fastener” is a new type of document binder which is self-adhesiveness. The sticker back make you easy to complete a new file.

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